What's Your Obsession?

I'm absolutely obsessed with Moroccan teapots right now. I only need one, but it has to be just perfect and Danielle has a lovely one in her shop that I'm awaiting answer on to see if it is still available. I have to have a teapot like this, I just love it. I've been looking for one locally since the day my plane landed, I even scoured Amsterdam and Hamburg for one and nothing! I cannot stop fantasizing about serving tea on Sunday with a pot such as this one... Of course this is one of maybe 10 things I'm going mad about right now (another is finding the perfect pair of deep plum leather boots).

I know, I'm crazy... But I have these obsessions that hit suddenly where I feel this pulse shoot through me and I know I just HAVE TO HAVE the object of my desire and I will peel back every layer, search high and low, shop! shop! shop! until I locate said item. The only difference between these obsessions in my thirties vs. the ones I had in my twenties is that back then I just purchased it and gave in to right away. Now I shop around and try to find the best price and give myself several weeks to mull something over before I realize that I should in fact buy it because it's not another nutty impulse purchase.

It's a sickness, I know. I'm willing to bet you have it to. So tell me, what's your latest obsession/s? It can be anything really, but let's try to definitely keep it in the home, garden, and fashion category so if you are obsessing over something then perhaps another reader knows where you can find it and can help out. It's okay if you want to veer off a little though and post other things that you are obsessing over now.

My current obsessions: 1. Moroccan tea pots and throw rugs (see #4). 2. Colors: Plum, Lilac, Fuchsia, Silver, Black, White, Golden Yellow, Gray (esp. on walls or velvet throws), Soft Green. 3. Textures/fabric: Raw silk, Crochet, Linen, Felt, Wool, Knit, Basket weave, Sisal, Rope, Quilted anything. 4. Motifs/Prints/Etc: Elephants, Circles, Doilies, Batik prints, stripes, lace (used in a very modern way), black ornate birdcages, vintage Persian rugs (flat weave) in all of my favorite colors (something very colorful and loud!). Vintage cabinets painted in high gloss black with white interior shelving, or painted high gloss white with fun ceramic knobs, hand painted accents, and decorative paper inside. 5. Metal: Hammered or embossed tin or silver. Especially pendant lights, tea trays, storage boxes, bowls, and tea pots. Also decorative tea tins... 6. Plum leather boots (no heel). 7. My new lilac/white bowls from TineK (see below photo). At $30 each I only could afford two right now! Ha! I also love my new lilac bowls from Rice (also in photo). I'm mixing these together to work with the white and pale turquoise plates I picked up at IKEA. 8. Jewelry by Arena Copenhagen and the Ellie necklace by Acts of Kindness. 9. Random: Pink chalk love notes on my chalkboard, white matte porcelain from the 1950s, my mom (I miss her), a black puppy named Sulu that I met in the city yesterday, she wouldn't stop nuzzling my trousers like a cat! I wanted to take her home so bad... 10. Style: Ethnic Bohemian Modern. That's what I call it anyway. Others may call it Crazy Lady All Over The Place Style.

There is more... But I'll stop with what first came to mind...

I can't wait to see what you have to say! Comment below with your list if you feel like it, I am interested to see if we share any common loves!

(images from le souk)