All The Luck In The World

I've bragged about Jane before but since I had the pleasure of meeting the talented lady behind All The Luck In The World, artist and graphic designer Jane Schouten, in Amsterdam recently I thought I'd sing her praises again. What a pleasant person she was to talk to and so very sweet! We chatted for quite some time and I had so many questions that I only thought to ask her after she had left for the evening -- ever have one of those conversations!?

A few things that I found especially attractive about Jane was how down-to-earth she is, absolutely the easiest person to get to know and so genuinely kind and a very good listener. As I look at her photography on Flickr and at the merchandise she sources for her online shop I can clearly see pieces of her personality that I was so lucky to experience in person. It felt so nice to put a face behind the name that I'd only known online up until a few weeks ago.

Shown here in this post are just a few beautiful photos from her home and shop that I found especially inspiring today. I hope that you enjoy basking before all the glorious color and pattern set against crisp white.

I admire those who are not afraid of bold color like Jane, sometimes I wish I could be more daring with it myself but I'm learning... everyday I feel like I'm a step closer to being that kid again with the brightly colored bedroom that I had growing up. Jane really encourages me personally to branch out with color whether she realizes it or not.

In addition to her daring use of color, I also admire how Jane can find a gem in a piece of furniture that someone may no longer love and, almost miraculously, she can transform it into something cool and unique. This lady is some kind of talent -- Jane you are a star!

(photography by Jane Schouten)

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