Top Design: The Weekly Dish

Miss Becky is back to share her opinion on this week?s episode of Top Design on Bravo. I haven't watched a single episode but boy, oh boy you all are NOT liking this Eddie character! Anyhoo... Becky, the mic is all yours! ? Holly ---

WOW! Top Design made me SO happy this week! I did not think I could become any more obsessed with Jeff Lewis, I mean, I even thought "Oh, he has "Vines and Flowers" in one of his houses!" when I saw Ondine use it (so do Rachel Zoe and half of the reality TV universe, but I still love it). The way he hammered Eddie made me swoon. Finally! I mean, besides you all, I haven't really heard much hating on Eddie out there in the blogosphere, in fact, it's quite the opposite. I don't get it! I mean, he was even featured in my favorite magazine this month, which made me ill. Then along came Jeff Lewis, to add some balance to the universe, who told Eddie his style was older, and "by older I mean, walkers, bedpans, and oxygen tanks." Thank you Bravo, for giving me a Jeff Lewis fix. Thank you Jeff, for hitting the nail on the head.





Alright, Eddie rant over. The challenge this week was an introduction to the final challenge. The remaining three each will be decorating a depressingly generic new three bedroom house. For this challenge, they had to tackle one room in said house which would represent the way they planned on decorating the house. Nathan and Eddie both picked the master bedroom, Ondine picked the small bedroom and made it into a study, and Preston turned half of the eat-in kitchen into a family room lounge area. A few notes:

  • Eddie: You are in L.A., not the Hamptons. And that is not the Hamptons, it's trying to be like Thom Filicia and winding up with tacky Florida rental condo. That trellis and plant combo was totally Golden Girls. Go grab some cheesecake and talk to Blanche about her panties. Everyone sing along with me, "Thank you for being a friend...."
  • Ondine: Her room was very Jonathan Adler Happy Chic. I mean, she even had bright blue foo dogs. I recognize the sofa because it's been in every Plantation ad in every magazine for about two years. She kept it simple and I think it was brilliant that she did the smallest room in this challenge. It was manageable and easy to edit. I'd really love to see her apartment in person - it looked really interesting!
  • Nathan: I agreed with every single word the judges had to say about him. His room looked like a boring hotel room, let's say, a Hampton Inn or a Sheraton.
  • Preston: OK, who can concentrate on his room when we've seen him rejected by the New York posse and heard all about his tragic childhood. I felt really bad for him and I felt like I understood his personality better from this episode. TIDBIT: I read in Jonathan Adler's blog last week that all of the judges call Preston "Cleavage." I didn't love his room, and I agreed with the judges that he needs another layer. It looks like he does have that layer in his own home. I was really impressed with the shots they shared. It was very Hollywood Regency with a bit of Ian Schrager edge.

While I missed Kelly, the judging portion was the best part of the show this week. Jeff Lewis and Jonathan were affectionately giving each other a hard time (well, Jeff was giving it and JA was taking it), I think Margaret clearly dislikes Jeff Lewis and already had Eddie hand-picked for the Elle Decor spread, and Jeff judged people by their outfits (good thing for Ondine he liked her room). It was DELICIOUS!

I am talking too much once again. So, were you yelling "TAKE THE DOOR OFF!" when Ondine's desk would not fit into the room? What did you think of Nathan's hosting skills when he was drunk? Did you think any of the rooms looked like the Plantation showroom? When Eddie kept saying "Easy Breezy" did you think "Cover Girl" or "Rachel Ray"? Whose room worked and whose room did not? Whose room did the best job of enticing the judges to want to see the completed house? Whose personal home did you dig the most? Do you wish they'd have a contest where the prize would be a home visit consultation from Todd Oldham? Do you think Eddie can do sexy? Have you said "Sit and Spin!" ever? If so, were you over the age of 12? What do you think of the big photograph trend seen in Ondine's room and Preston's home? Did the show make you want to buy Windex or a GE Profile wine fridge?

Please join and answer any of these questions or any others you want to ask the group!

(images from bravo television, text from becky harris)