I'm Having Issues!

You know when things are going just so perfectly and then all of a sudden everything turns upside down in a matter of seconds? Oh yes, you say. This describes what happened to my dear blog just last night so this is a quick little post to let you all know that I'm angry at my blog today because it has misbehaved quite badly.

You see friends, something very bad happened last night and I have a lot of work today to restore lots of lost content, work that my super genius husband is helping me with, and so far we've been able to rebuild many of the pages but it's a lot of work! I've been reading all of your emails asking why some of the 'tabs' are no longer working right, some are linking to strange destinations, and all of my domestic and international shop links are missing, as well as about 75% of my visual blogroll. Oh yes, fun times! If you no longer see your blog listed on the blogroll pages please do not think it was intentional and I'm a meanie and pulled yours down. No, no... I'm trying to restore all of them so some are showing, others still need to be added. The one beautiful thing about this entire screw up is that I'm learning more about Wordpress and how this whole thing works than ever before so in a way I will walk away from this experience with knowledge of something that I knew little about before this mess. That's good, right? Truly a forced education.

Okay, so while I'm working to get decor8 back to normal I'll continue to hang out with you online today posting random thoughts as I work. Hope you are all doing well today, better than me anyway. I'm staying positive and working diligently to get things back in order, I assume I'll be finished by this time next year perhaps? :)

Let's talk about something fun for a moment... some of you asked to see my mini paintings that I mentioned working on recently. One is shown in the photo above. The others are gifts so of course I cannot post them anywhere because my friends read this blog and it would ruin the surprise. I made the painting shown above using a mini chipboards in white (here are some that are similar from Michael's in the states) from the craft store, found papers, acrylic paint, and decoupage glue. It was very easy, I suggest making them for yourself or for friends as they are perfect for decorating or hanging from string to create a mobile. You can even use them as gift tags that your friends can actually keep and cherish for years to come.

xo, Holly