Ink & Wit: New Goodies

I love getting Tara mail. No, NOT Tyra mail, mail from Tara my friend at Ink & Wit. The girl is super talented (and organized) and rolls new products quite frequently for a one man band (she owns and operates her business on her own). When there's Tara mail I know to expect to see some great products.  Here's what's new from Ink & Wit, I especially love seeing all of the red and blue, it really feels Danish to me. {A. Everything Counts poster (who doesn't love red and blue?), B. Graphic black and white letterpress thank you notes in a mid century modern theme, C. Peel and Stick labels (which I will order for sure) and D. Tea Towels (love those owls, yes you're so right Belinda!)}

Perk: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 until December 26, 2008!

Lovely work, Tara!

(images from ink & wit)