Dash & Albert Rugs

Do you remember that Fixx song One Thing Leads to Another? Well that's kinda of happening today with my posts, one seems to be inspiring the next. I started the day mentioning Megan, then I blogged a shop she'd featured on her blog, that shop showed Massachusetts-based Dash & Albert rugs, and now I'm blogging Dash & Albert -- but I can't help it. I really like their Cotton Woven rugs because they feel very laid back and cozy. When I was looking for a rug last year for my flat aboard, I was trying to find a vintage kilim from Turkey but I didn't accomplish that so I came back to the states determined to snag one here to bring back over with me in May. I still have that as a goal but now I'm thinking I should grab a striped rug from D&A for my entryway and do a kilim in the dining space. Here is a photo of the entry.

I'm thinking a striped rug may look nicer (a runner) than the postage stamp currently in there from Denmark. I'm thinking of a rug with pattern and color that stands out a bit more could work. I'm not going to paint or paper the walls or do anything else to this space other than add a new runner because we plan to hunt for a larger flat this summer so I don't want to invest in wallpaper or paint if we're moving anyway. So for now, only a rug! My new flat will have an entry and hardwood floors and I'll use the furniture shown here in it (minus the bench, which will most likely go in another room or on the balcony) so a new rug can just move with us.

Here are some beautiful options below from D&A and though I don't plan to purchase any of them for my space, I'm hoping I'll find one that I'll settle on for the hallway by May 23rd so I can tuck it into my luggage.

I'm not a big plaid person but some of the plaids aren't bad... Or maybe I should just stick to the kilim idea and repeat in the entry, which does concern me because a vintage kilim is something I'd rather not place in a space with dirty shoes and constant traffic. Hmmm. Or perhaps I should consider a little Madeline Weinrib action in the entry? I feel a visit to ABC Carpet & Home in NYC coming on!

Anyone have runner suggestions for my entryway? Please don't say black and white stripes because while the idea is great but I tried that already with a runner from IKEA and it drove me absolutely bonkers because the black part showed every single speck of lint/dirt/etc. that landed on it. I'm a clean freak so I was vacuuming every 30 seconds and it made me feel like a bit of a nutcase and I'm sure my neighbors were mega annoyed by the constantly sucking sound of the vac. Also, I'm more of a flat weave girl than a thick pile/tufted/looped etc. girl because I am a bit of a klutz and tend to trip over rugs a lot so if you find a runner that is really flat and would work for my entry, please remember all of that. :)

(images from dash & albert)