Home Decorators Collection

I read about Home Decorators Collection this morning in the February issue of Real Simple magazine, have you heard of it before? News to me, I had to google them to learn more and found out that they're a pretty good resource for furniture and accessories!

I could really have fun with the Noland Settee ($399) because first of all, I'd paint it either a bright color (like yellow) and reupholster the seat cushion with a fresh, modern print. It would look great painted navy blue or white with a red and white zigzag print on it - I'd love to put it in an entryway! Even a zebra print if painted red would be great. Fabrics shown from Rubie Green. You can cover a seat cushion like this in an afternoon with your trusty staple gun. Just don't do what I did last time I used mine and stapled the center of my palm! Oh YAY. That felt amazing. So be careful with your tools ladies.

(image from home decorators collection)