Great Slipper Chairs at Target

Sashay, Tarjay! I feel like I'm talking about Target a lot this week which surprises me because I don't think I mentioned them as much last year as I have this week. I don't know, I didn't find them that exciting in 2008. So far for 2009 things have changed and Target is suddenly back on my radar. I'm on the hunt for budget finds these days for the various assignments I have, the focus currently is on affordable finds. While I wouldn't outfit my entire home with Target furniture, I like to mix things up from various sources and throw in a little vintage, I could easily see myself grabbing a few affordable pieces like these killer slipper chairs. A very special thanks to reader Kate who commented earlier today on these slipper chairs spotted over at Target (thanks, kate!). My, my, my how nice they are. Perfect for those shopping on a budget but looking for a chair with personality. These armless beauties are great for small spaces. Most shown below are $299 (or less), some have free shipping, and many are also an additional 15% off of that! For those living in tax-free states (like me), you can save even more. For wood and foam alone you'd pay that, forget the upholstery... so this is definitely a good deal for a chair.

Do you like any of these patterns? I feel like I've seen some of these prints before, a few look very John Robshaw or even Thomaspaul. What do you think? Do you own one? Do you have a photo of it in your space? I've never shopped Target for slipper chairs so by all means, school me.

(images from target)