Perch! Design Letter Lights

When I first spotted the perch! design candle letter balls I went a little crazy but now they've rolled out letter lights I'm over the moon. You can purchase one ($110 each) or they will make them to order with any letters, words, names that you like. So cute for a commercial space, over the cash register for instance or in the window.

Each chandelier can be up to 6 letters so I guess your name or business name would need to be 6 letters or less. One idea is you could order one that spells out PAY or even HELLO for a store if your name is toooooo lonnng. The balls are connected so they stay aligned. As with all Perch! lights, you can order them hardwired with a white ceramic canopy or with a long cord with a switch and plug. Sweet!

(images from perch! design)