decor8 Blogging Workshop

It's official! I've decided to follow the lead of my current teacher Susannah Conway and become a bit of a teacher myself. I'm going to start with an e-course in April all about blogging!  This fun workshop will cover topics such as: building a presence online through your blog (good for anyone who is a writer, crafter, designer, etc.), how to attract readers, a blog ad how-to guide, photo copyrights, how to make your images look great, blog template ideas, how to write from your heart, and creative ideas when it comes to networking online, organizing your inbox, topic ideas, dealing with negativity, and overcoming writer's block.

If this interests you please email me (holly AT with exact details of what you'd like to get out of the class so that I can potentially work your suggestions into the course materials. The course will also include some videos from me to you, too!

Enrollment will begin March 15th so stay tuned! TIP: You can get on my list to receive pre-registration details before I post enrollment on decor8 since the class will be limited to around 150 students, first come, first serve. Getting on the list will give you a chance to enroll 2 days prior to my official post on decor8.

Yay! I can't believe I'm about to do this -- I can't wait!