Happy Weekend!

Have a nice weekend peeps! I'm signing off but want to wish you a happy weekend but with a bit of a warning: watch out for the Easter candy hitting stores right now. Gracious! Aqua M&Ms, peeps in all shades, lovely packaging, I could not believe my eyes in the grocery store last night. I was equally shocked when these little guys hopped into my cart (I didn't place them there, oh no!). I figured they were lonely looking for a friend so I brought them home. My home. Now I feel like eating them because that is what we do to candy, but I don't think that would be hospitable of me because you see, they don't believe they are candy but actual birds. I feel bad telling them, I mean just look at the faces... it's hard to resist the temptation but also hard to give in because they are so cute and well mannered. Hmmm. I clearly have a stressful life with very tough decisions to make.

I'll see you around this way again on Monday. Not sure the peeps will, though. I just ate one while typing this. Tweet!

(image by holly becker for decor8)