100 Layer Cake

I wrote about a gorgeous new wedding blog that I super heart, 100 Layer Cake, today over at Real Simple that I just had to give you a tiny dose of to whet your appetite. I’m already married so I’m certainly not looking for wedding inspiration… but I am constantly on the prowl for tasteful decorating ideas and inspiration. I’m surprised to find that 100 Laker Cake is a fun read for a married girl like me simply because they make these killer inspiration boards that can easily inspire art, a room, an outfit, or anything really. You don’t have to be a bride-to-be to read wedding blogs and although I sorta knew that already, I think this blog sold me on the idea of reading more bridal blogs going forward.

I dream in soft muted jewel tones, so this palette above really knocks my socks off.

This blog is so pretty, professional, and has a ton of promise so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for readers going forward. I also love the name, why have only two when you can have 100 layers, right? YUM. They’re only in their second month, but so far so good. Read more about 100 Layer Cake here

(images: 100 Layer Cake)