Christina's Handmade Book Covers

Prepare for total book cover cuteness! The second I unwrapped these babies yesterday, a recent handmade purchase from Etsy, I knew I’d have to take a couple of snapshots to share with you. These were made with love by Christina’s and I swear, they are even better in person. One is for me (the owl, of course) and the others are for a special friend.

I love the idea of using this notebook cover as a book cover (it’s the perfect size for paperback novels) for the times when I’m traveling. When I’m in transit I’m not always that keen on sharing with the world what I’m reading. I don’t read books with questionable content, it’s not about that, but it has to do with how much of a conversation magnet I am — no matter where I go strangers are somehow guided my way like mice to cheese to either tell me their life story or ask me a slew of questions sparked by whatever I am doing at that moment (reading, typing on my laptop, looking for gum in my bag, etc.). While I’m outgoing and love people, I’ll admit to getting a little worn out sometimes. Do you attract strangers? For me, books are the easiest way to call attention to myself. When I was reading the Twilight series people approached me asking for my opinion or worse, asking what I thought about this or that part and surprise! I hadn’t even read that bit yet so those were total spoiler moments for me. My new book cover will be put to good use for my upcoming travels — maybe I can read in peace although now I’m wondering if curiosity will cause some to ask, “Excuse me um… whatcha readin’?”.


Well if the book cover doesn’t do the trick then at least it still looks cute. :)

(images from Holly Becker for decor8)