How Much For This Room?

Ready to fall in love with a newly designed bedroom in San Francisco? Of course you are! This week’s How Much For This Room? shines the spotlight once again on Christiana Coop who co-owns Hygge & West and ferm LIVING. She also co-authors a blog called Clever Spaces. If you recall, her kitchen was featured here on March 6th. She also helped produced this informative and adorable DIY video with 10 tips on how to wallpaper.

What inspired the design of this room? The design was actually inspired by the paint color (Benjamin Moore, Iron Mountain). I’d seen this color is several places and completely fell in love with it – it is so warm, rich and sophisticated, I think. I also wanted to wallpaper an accent wall in my bedroom so we could make a little how to video; we just uploaded it yesterday! The one white accent wall allowed for the other three walls to be dark (I think doing all four walls in a dark color would have created a bit of a cave feel which I wanted to avoid). I went with a white pattern so it would really pop against the darker walls. I also thought the more masculine wall color would be a nice contrast to the more feminine gold floral design. So… The design idea definitely started with the walls! I’d also recently found a fantastic pair of vintage wall lamps that I knew would be perfect for above my bed. I’d already had the furniture and ended up switching around some floor rugs between rooms and brought the red/shaggier rug into the room to add more coziness. - Christiana Coop

At what point in the design did you know when to quit? You seem to have a knack at editing well… “As far as editing, for this room, I knew that I wanted the focus to be on the walls and the vintage lamps so I kept the bedding simple. I also have a few necklaces that I really love, so thought I’d display them them a bit more like art and be able to see them everyday. I’d considered adding a piece of art between the lamps and a mirror above the desk, but it started to feel too cluttered and distracting so I let those ideas go. I think my key to editing is to make sure each piece is either functional or something that makes me really happy to see. If not, what is the point of keeping it around? I also have a natural tendency towards the more is more philosophy, so sometimes when I think the room is done, I look around and force myself to take one or two things away – kind of like Coco Chanel’s, “Before you walk out the door, take on thing off,” applied to interior design.” - Christiana Coop

Bedroom breakdown: Plant: $65, Basket (Area): $45, Bed and side tables (Room and Board): $2,600, Bedding (Anthropologie): $200, Throw blanket (Banana Republic): $150, Rug (Propeller): $1,200, Clock radio (Unica): $400, Jewelry knobs (Hygge & West): $45, Jewelry dishes and boxes: $300, Vintage wall sconces (The Perish Trust): $75, Stool (Area): $300, Console table (CB2): $350, 4 felt doilies (Eden & Eden): $150, Vintage mice candle stick (The Perish Trust): $50, Candle votive set (Hygge & West): $36, Daisy pillow (Hygge & West): $65, Devotion print (Rare Device): $15, A Little Birdy Told Me print (Samantha Hahn): Gift, Bamboo blinds: $200, Collage art (Egg & The Urban Mercantile): $150, Hello There chair (The Magazine): $300, 2 rolls Fairy Flower wallpaper (ferm LIVING): $115 per roll/$230 and 1 can of paint (Benjamin Moore, Iron Mountain): $60.

Grand Total: $6,986. USD

Lovely! Thank you Christiana for taking us into your cozy and elegant bedroom — that gray looks gorgeous with the crisp white trim and eye catching gold and white wallpaper. Very nice touch, I’m sure this room will inspire lots of Iron Mountain gray bedrooms out there in blogland! :) Thanks again!

(images from christiana coop)