Selina Lake: New Blog! {& a q 4 u}

I’m so sorry I was a bit neglectful today, but I have good reason. My hosting company had major problems, something to do with the data center, so my happy little blog was a bit sad all day because it kept working, not working, working, and then…. fizzle fizzle, snap, crunch. Flatline. Super frustrating for me and I’m sure for you, too. Makes me smile though as we are all so super dependent on technology and our gadgets, only noticeable the moment we don’t have them… My husband said to me today, as I expressed my frustration with our hosting company, “A Book Can’t Crash”. I smiled, immediately knowing what he meant and it’s true. While it’s easy to access a truckload of information online the printed stuff is a lot more dependable because it can’t ‘crash’. Funny thought but so true.

I feel better now that I’ve explained my brief absence today. I know you aren’t sitting around waiting for ME but in case you did stop by here earlier today and the screen was all white with big error message at least you now know why. I’m sorry for that.

* * * * *


Now let us get back on topic, shall we? Okay so I heard from Selina Lake today. You know Selina, I’ve mentioned her a few million times on this blog. Well it seems Miss best selling interiors book author slash interior stylist diva has now moved into becoming a triple threat — she just launched a blog! Eek! I was so excited to hear about this because we need more stylists out there blogging in my opinion. I really love to read up close and personal musings from the professionals out there. I wish that Rita Konig would start a blog, and I’d love for Amy Butler to jump on the blogging bandwagon too. I’d also really like Clinton and/or Stacy from What Not To Wear to start a blog. Kelly Wearstler too, especially now that she’s fallen a bit out of the spotlight (at least until the next Top Design kicks off - if it does that is - has anyone heard either way?). I wonder what Kelly is up too. It would be nice to read a blog by Kate Spade. How amazing I imagine her life to be. Maybe Emily Chalmers, Jonathan Adler (mostly because he is witty) and Ruthie Sommers too. I’d like it if Anthropologie started a blog with posts from their buyers and stylists, I would visit them daily for sure. Gosh there are so many which leads me to wondering… Who would you LOVE to read?

Here’s a link to Selina’s blog. Definitely go check it out. She will be posting images of her published work, mostly tearsheets from magazines and she’ll have a section called Selina’s Spring Style Tips that she will update seasonally. There is also a My Latest Love and a news section. Enjoy!

(image from selina lake)