The Perfect Pear Terrarium

Do you remember last Fall when I showed you my newly renovated kitchen and a pear terrarium I had purchased in Germany, with plants, for $10 at a home store there called Hornbach (similar to a Home Depot)? So many of you went crazy for it, I received a ton of emails after that post asking where you could find such cuteness in America. Look no further, I’ve found on for you!


Pear Terrarium

Yesterday during lunch I was flipping through the latest Viva Terra catalog and the second I saw their new terrarium I immediately turned back the page and put it on my desk so that I could share this darling terrarium with you today. I know this little guy will make you very, very happy, though after paying $10 for mine in Germany the price tag is a little high but who knows, perhaps the quality is better than mine or something. The point is that you can now own a sweet pear terrarium of your very own and that is a good thing, right? You can purchase this recycled glass terrarium either with plants ($79) or without ($49) — I like that Viva Terra gives that option. I hope that you enjoy your terrarium find today!

(images top: holly becker bottom: viva terra)