Candles - A Few Favorites

Do you enjoy scented candles? They are such a nice way to add ambiance don’t you think? They are also a nice way to mask odors, particularly after you’ve prepared a meal with onions, garlic or fish! Yesterday at Real Simple, I wrote about 8 of my favorite candle companies and scents and to my surprise, many readers chimed in sharing personal faves of their own which made the post that much more enjoyable! I found so many new candles thanks to Real Simple readers.


Here are some additional candles that, though I’ve not tried them personally, they certainly do look lovely. All are from Anthropologie. A. ChaCha candle tin B. Garden Study candle C. Ilume tile tin Moroccan mint tea (yummy).

Maybe you would enjoy seeing a collection of candles that I personally use and recommend? If so, you may click here.

(images from Anthropologie)