Noa Noa {Summer}

Ah Noa Noa, you’ve done it again! I am in BIG crazy love with their dazzling Summer collection. Yes sir, this is the stuff dreams are made of… Danish fashion label Noa Noa tends to blow me away each season but I’ve never connected quite so thoroughly to a complete collection until today - these colors and styles are gorgeous!

Noa Noa

Bohemian, laid back, sun-kissed, girly without going over the top… and though I have no courage to wear “genie” pants (or maybe we shall call them MC Hammer pants?), I would most certainly wear them lounging around the house on a breezy summer’s day or even while entertaining a small group of close friends in the backyard.

Noa Noa

I want to see these outfits as rooms! Can you imagine turning these colors and patterns into a living room or bedroom? That skirt as a curtain, a blouse pattern as a pillow… Ah. I’m completely in love with these sun-washed hues in lilac, blue and green. Oye!

(images from noa noa)