Jena Ardell Photography

Let’s visit the beach today, shall we? I’ll bring a basket with sparkling juice, mini veggie wraps and some watermelon… yes and enough change for ice cream on the boardwalk. I will order my usual vanilla and you can get a scoop of those ‘exotic blends’ as I like to call them. You’re funny like that, you like your ice cream just as you like your men: sweet and complex. Don’t forget to bring your camera and we’ll shoot the things we see and touch like last time. Where shall we meet?

Jena Ardell

Not the pier. Too packed. How about this: look for my little green bike. I’ll prop it alongside the fence so you know exactly where to find me.

Jena Ardell

Jena Ardell

I wonder what we’ll find today? I’ll look for sea glass and I bet you’ll be off hunting for fallen feathers from the gulls — you call them their little gifts to humans, a token of their appreciation for the breadcrumbs we leave behind after lunch… I remember once you told me that feathers made you more conscious of the inability humans have to do all things, as some things we simply cannot do — flying for one. It’s true, you’re deep like that. But you added that soaring is something we all can do… that you try to remember that whenever you feel limited. We cannot do certain things but for those we can do, we’re able to perform at our best if we want - to soar. I love how you look at life, how you approach things matters to me. I hope you know that the way your words dance in the air as you’re speaking them makes a genuine difference in my life.

Will you look at the time? It’s getting late, we need to meet up soon. Remember, look for the green bike…

Images from photographer Jena Ardell, discovered via Chelsea and her inspirational blog Frolic. Purchase Jena’s work here. The silly words, those are ones that came to mind as I looked at Jena’s photos. I did a lot of creative writing growing up and still engage in this indulgence from time to time in my own personal place at home — my journals. Though I’m not entirely comfortable with creative writing, perhaps I’m unsure if it’s too indulgent or perhaps a bit fluffy… I do enjoy it and hope that you do in your own little way, too.

(images: jena ardell)