Prize Ribbons - Your Thoughts As Decor?

I came across these prize ribbons over at One Hundred Wishes that you can have customized and I began to wonder… how could one incorporate these into their decor? Any crafty ideas out there? Anyone feeling creative today and interested in contributing your ideas? I’d love to hear them… I remember seeing vintage ribbons as a wreath over the bed of eco designer Danny Seo but that’s about all I’ve come up with as I wouldn’t want the end result to look overly tacky…


If not at home, what about store display ideas? Certainly there are many ideas there. I see a wall filled with them, only made out of paper vs. satin ribbons, and perhaps mixed media collaged centers. Or each could have a numbered center or a letter of the alphabet to spell out a word and placed over a crib. What do you think?

(image: one hundred wishes)