Magazine Swap

I participated in a fun little magazine swap and my batch of magazines arrived yesterday; I was so excited to see these lovely goodies from Australia as I pulled them out one by one reading all of the thoughtful notes on each left by my swap partner. Thank you Martine from Green Olive Design — so much! Readers, if you’ve never participated in a magazine swap before I highly suggest giving it a go — it’s a lot of fun! Just find someone you can trust (make sure they have an established blog or business so you can track them down) from a country where you’re just dying to receive magazines from and go for it.

Wow! Thank you Martine!

The way Martine and I did it is that we listed the magazines that we wanted and then each of us purchased them - brand new and current. I paid the postage for my mags and she paid the postage for hers but we didn’t charge the other for the actual magazines.

I once hosted magazine swaps on decor8 (remember?) but they became so hugely popular that it was a bit time consuming for me to pair up people so I’m not longer hosting them. BUT, if you want to find a swap partner in another country, I’ve started a thread here at Kindred where you can jump in and talk about the magazines you are looking for and see if anyone has them and wants to do a swap. My personal swap rules are that all magazines must be brand new and from the current month. You can set your own rules though, it’s up to you. Have fun swappers!

(image: holly becker)