A Delightful Swedish Home

Oh Sweden, what you do to me! Doesn’t it seem to be one of the most stylish countries on the planet? I’ve only been to Stockholm so I’m not sure about the rest of the country but I was so impressed by the design there that I’m thinking it’s hardwired into their DNA to have exceptional taste. Like when you are born in Sweden you automatically will love the color gray, desire a base of white with pops of color in your home, and be slim, gorgeous and friendly. You’ll also know how to perfectly cozy-up a space in a way that seems almost effortless. See?



Cookie Mag House Tour

This home, a seven room house just north of Stockholm, belongs to a graphic designer and busy mom that I interviewed for Cookie magazine online (posted here). Helena Schaeder Söderberg and her family (husband, two toddlers and two cats) have a home that is absolutely charm-filled - she’s a total domestic goddess. I love all of the wallpaper accents and the JOY that I feel when I look at these images, don’t you? It’s so welcoming and positive. View more photos here.


I interviewed Helena so I hope you’ll take the time to read it because her answers are great — especially her decorating tips. I also found out how she made those charming birds shown above in her daughter’s bedroom - she used a free pattern from the Spool sewing blog called “bird pattern” (see left column of this blog under Free Patterns). You can view more of her softies here but warning, you may feel a wee bit intimidated by her sewing awesomeness…

(images:Helena Schaeder Söderberg)