Jasna Janekovic & the Butterfly

Few can visit decor8 and not notice a butterfly or two, I’m quite inspired by them from their delicate wings to fluttery movements and pretty patterns. But more than that, a butterfly is a symbol of freedom, hope, and creativity. They are also a common motif in the design world, especially in the Spring as many incorporate them into their creations.

Jasna Janekovic

One example of this is the latest creations from Jasna Janekovic in Germany who recently made pretty framed butterflies and sold them at a indie craft fair in Cologne called Designer Fruehling (I wrote about it today on haus maus, my other blog). I like how she interpreted this trend in the crafting world that I believe originated from Martha Stewart’s butterfly craft punch and her tutorial on how to use them as art that was demonstrated via a flyer at Michael’s craft store in the MS aisle of crafts. I love Jasna’s idea coupled with the vintage frame, this is so, so pretty!

(image: jasna janekovic)