IKEA PS Collection

The blogs are a buzz with sharing and chatting about the new IKEA PS collection for 2009. It’s funny to read all the opinions out there, some love IKEA, some discredit it as being for the college crowd only, and others don’t seem to have a set opinion — me, well I really love some of this stuff. I I mean look at their latest additions, what’s not to love?


I’d use the coffee table as a bench for displaying books and art in my office, the stool would be great for stacking towels in the bathroom, and the light would be gorgeous suspended over a circular wood table surrounded by these great chairs also shown above. The vase I’d use for a patio space, several in a row would look nice on a bench. You can even have some fun with this stuff and paint it, the stool would be cute if you decoupaged the top and painted each of the legs in a fun color, for instance. I can see that chair in black leaving the white part white with a black/white patterned cushion on the seat. Fun!

To me at least, IKEA is not just for the college crowd or for people who are broke or in need of some temporary furniture. Sure, some items aren’t made too well just like the stuff you’ll find at Target and other big box stores, but overall I’m very happy with the things I’ve purchased there throughout the years (I shopped IKEA before they came to the east coast, carting stuff over by place from England).

Truth is, I’ve purchased things from designer wares on down to thrift store finds, spending $500 on a single lamp to $20 for a flea market find and in the end I don’t always see price as a sign of quality or craftsmanship. Sad, but true.

What do you think about shopping IKEA and particularly, about this new collection?

(images from IKEA)