Musical Thursday

Do you love music? Do you like to know what your friends are listening to? I sure do. That’s why on Thursdays I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite musicians in a new column called Musical Thursday. It will be a quick round up of some great music that I have currently playing in my home along with a few music notes, or thoughts on each artist I pick. Each week I’ll select 4-6 musicians who are currently inspiring me. What does this have to do with decorating and design? In my mind, everything! When I walk into a shop, bakery, restaurant or hotel lobby I expect to hear some music and the sounds I hear give me an instant reaction and stirs certain feelings within that has a direct impact on how I feel about the space. No doubt you understand this. At home I use music constantly to set the mood. There is so much power in what we play in our homes and how it makes us, and our guests, feel.

Musical Thursday

My musical picks this week are: a. Sia b. Paris Combo c. Honey Honey and d. Anggun.

I also rely on music as a source of inspiration and for a quick pick-me-up if ever I’m dragging my feet. I play music daily and when I’m cleaning, the tunes are pumped because it motivates me to get work done and to get off of my butt and move it, move it! If I’m working on a project the music is on, but I’m careful what I play as it can directly impact my work. On specific occasions like brunch, dinner and on Sundays, I play lots of classical, jazz and show tunes because I was raised with a family who didn’t run to malls or stores on Sundays, we stayed home and chilled, did some gardening, crafts and in the warmer months we grilled out and ate on the patio (and I continue this family tradition now as an adult - Sunday is still all about rest and relaxation). Music is, simply put, amazing. Musical Thursday will share a bit of what I’m listening to so I hope that you enjoy it.

Music Notes:

Sia is from Australia and her music makes me cry when I’m feeling hormonal. When I’m not, it just makes me think and often reflect on times past or future plans, it’s deep like that. Some of my favorites include, “Death by Chocolate”, “Lullaby” and my all-time favorite, “Beautiful Calm Driving”. Her lyrics are great because she is so quotable, like a modern day Oscar Wilde, just a bit more moody (if that’s possible) and vague. “Beautiful calm driving, emotional hiding. Effortlessly shining, beautiful calm driving.” - Sia.

Honey Honey is Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe - she is from Ohio and he was born in New York but raised in Massachusetts. Both currently reside in Venice, California. I’d describe them as indie pop I guess, most of it is pretty upbeat and swingin’. Her voice is jazzy like, tell me what you think of them if you’ve not heard ‘em before.

Paris Combo is the best, I’ve been a fan since 1998. They’re great especially if you want to create a Parisian vibe in the home, just pop them in and you’re transported to a cafe along the Seine. I listen to Paris Combo mostly on Sundays, it’s fun with brunch especially if you have a few friends over and make mimosas. It’s also fun to play during afternoon coffee and cake (Kaffee und Kuchen), a tradition still alive and well in Germany that we practice nearly everyday when we’re abroad. Thankfully I walk everywhere while there so the cake has no impact on my dress size. ;)

If you’ve not heard of Anggun, she’s like a French Nicole Scherzinger. Gorgeous and gifted, this lady was born in Indonesia and got her start in Europe as a pop princess who sings in French. I love her sound — great for getting ready for a night out on the town with your girls - a dab of perfume, a pretty dress, a cute little clutch and Anggun setting the mood.