Kari Herer Photography

Kari Herer is no stranger to this blog, I’ve talked about her work before but today is different… her new body of work is astounding and I felt a jolt of joy the second I saw it. These photographs feel like something new, unique, not yet another this or that we’ve seen a billion times already - no tired trends. Kari Herer’s work feels special. I love her combination of insects and flowers, then photographed. Delicate, fresh and truly lovely.

Kari Herer

Kari Herer

Her mini prints are showstoppers, too. I love the focus on natural country living, functional items, pure style. The beauty in the mundane seems to be her focus. While that is no “new” concept her take on it is refreshing and spirited.

Aren’t you inspired?

(images by kari herer photography)