Olive & Just One Room

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to see Olive (dark shade of yellow) as a definite “it” color for Fall 09 not just when it comes to fashion but for the home, too. I’ve been noticing olive paired with lavender or fuchsia a lot lately in magazine spreads. I’ve also seen it paired with turquoise and chartreuse. Now I’m thinking of adding a bit of it to my living room since I already have the lavender part going on. Given that the complementary color of olive is lavender, I can see why this sofa really works in the home of fashion designer Vanessa Bruno in Paris.

Vanessa Bruno

Every single time I see Vanessa Bruno’s apartment, and it seems to float around every magazine and blog out there, my knees feel weak… If you’d like to view more visit photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer’s portfolio online.

I guess we all have that ONE room that if given the chance, we’d move in without the need to rearrange a single thing. In this case, I’d change a few things slightly because well, I’m big on personalizing stuff, but you catch my drift…

So tell me what is your ONE room? Do you have a link to show me? I want to see! Tell me why you love it too, okay…

(image via glassford hill girl)