Paris & London Map Prints

While we’re talking about colorful posters and dreams, who doesn’t love London and Paris? I mean, hellll-o! I think all of us want to spend time in these two destinations, I’d take a month in each thank you. Bodie and Fou wrote to me (thanks, Justine!) recently sharing their new posters designed by French company Famille Summerbelle (please visit their website while you’re at it, darling!) and I thought they were just too cute to not post.

Bodie and Fou

Famille Summerbelle

Side note: Bodie & Fou also stocks this family tree print from Famille Summerbelle, too.

These beauties are £45 each, so what’s that like $60 USD?, and available exclusively through Bodie & Fou here and here. All will be ready to ship out June 22nd, by the way…

(images: bodie & fou)