Isak Wallpaper

Is this Penguin wallpaper from Isak not the cutest in the world? I don’t show lots of kids stuff on decor8, I do that over at Cookie instead, but I couldn’t resist sharing this because c’mon — is it not smile inducing?



If you don’t have babies, you’ll want to run off and start making them after seeing this. :) Yeah I know, not the right reasons for having children. But still.

And by the way, if you are curious as to where these wooden animals are from, they are from Germany and made by a company called Holztiger. You can find them at lots of privately owned kids shops in the U.S. (not big box stores though) or online if you do a search under Holztiger. I have a few myself, they are perfect for kids and adults alike. I have some wooden animals made by Ostheimer, another great company specializing in wooden toys - here’s my unicorn. Told you that they’re not just for kids. ;)

(images: isak uk)