The Scoop

No, you’re not crazy. I missed a full day of posting here on decor8 including the take five series because my server thought my IP address was spamming it! I couldn’t “see” my own blog for the past 24 hours so I just assumed the blog was down — I certainly could not log into it either or even find the login page. Scary! My ISP is working to fix everything but I can finally see decor8 and log in so regular posting will resume. I apologize for this, it’s nothing common for me to deal with tech issues on this level so I was a bit confused as to what was happening. I kept opening emergency tickets all day with my ISP, I think I drove the poor man crazy. Seems it was some firewall issue. But, technical blah blah (yawn) aside, I’m back in action! :) I had to let you know what was going on though in case you noticed my absence yesterday. I wasn’t slackalackin’ or laying on the beach, I promise…

Lovely new photos from Ez

So what DID I do yesterday? I spent the entire day cleaning out my car and vacumming it then hanging out in the VW showroom working out a deal to sell my gorgeous car (insert tears here, I’m so attached to it), and finally hours and hours of sorting and packing since the relocation company will be here in July to move our things. I had a tag sale this past Saturday and sold a good bunch of things, now to list the rest on Craigslist and to get our house rented… It’s all quite a lot of work to move now isn’t it?!

(image: holly becker for decor8)