Good Morning Friends!

Hello everyone! Slowly things are coming together and I've retrieved around 300 posts which is pretty exciting though all the comments were lost on all posts dating March 3 to present. My plan B is to simply move forward from here and venture ahead, no looking back. Last night, I rolled over to a new server which erased my post and comments from yesterday, but things should be back to almost normal again here tomorrow. In the meantime, I've left you with some lovely links to enjoy below.

Love this cane chair!

Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful emails, comments, tweets, Flickr mails and facebook messages and emails. I was overwhelmed by your caring thoughts, positivity and encouragement which definitely made the situation so much easier to handle. Our blogging community is the best. Regular posting will resume tomorrow, Wednesday June 24, 2009. All systems go! :) See you tomorrow, friends!

Links to love:

- Country Living (US) magazine home tours (where the photo above is from).

- Have you visited the Country Living online store? Free shipping on orders over $99 (coupon code: CG999). The carry one of my favorite jams which is great if you warm it up and put it on pancakes or crepes.

- Jewelweeds - Handcrafted green design for the home.

- The Finders Keepers, "independent design & art markets founded in Sydney, that supports new and emerging independent design." Their blog is tops!

- Desire Lines jewelry, dream away!

- Kaffee clothing, I'll take one of everything please.

- Also love Cream clothing...

- I always find things I love at Little Paper Planes.

- These ladies have SUCH a cool job: Come Flea With Me.

- Luxeville is such a charmer.

- Marais shoes are always perfect.

- Drift away with dream maker Jenifer Altman.



Note: I was able to find the comments for the Jonathan Adler giveaway so I'll announce the winners tomorrow morning. Yay!