See You On Monday!

I'm signing off for a weekend of packing, showing our house (it is up for rent), seeing the Transformers movie (yay!) and knocking out some more tasks on my massive move to-do list. I won't be resting much this weekend but I'll certainly be in a better place on Monday because of it. Plus the movie will be a good break from it all, popcorn and junky soda is a guilty pleasure sometime and we're trying to do all we can with our friends before we move. You know how it is, the pre-move crunch!

Make It Great!

Some of my current Flickr favorites, view them all here.

No Turning Back

And a final link to make you smile for the week, if you love illustrated music videos prepare to swoon, watch this one by Sarah Blasko illustrated by Australian artist Celeste Potter. I read about this Strawberry Lemonade. I'm in love.

What are you plans for the weekend? I hope that you have something good up your sleeve. I'll meet you back here in just a few days on Monday so...until we meet again!

(image: screenshot from flickr and utube)