Sweet Art

I pulled together a tiny selection of prints with a painterly wash of pink pastels that feel like Summer and I thought I'd take a moment to share them with you. Get a load of these glasses and the giant bubble blowing kid. I was looking at the Bakers Dozen recently and came across illustrator Valerio Vidali from Lisbon and well, I adore the #2 print shown below. Please take a close look at it. I've added a second image to show an enhanced view below. Notice the paper shape?

Sweet Art

#1 Volcano, #2 Valerio Vidali #3 Lydia, #4 Gemma Correll.

Valerio Vidali

Oh yes, Valerio has cut this print to mimic a Polaroid. Isn't this the best? And those frayed cotton edges on the bottom - swoon. Love the tiny details. I've not yet noticed other artists doing this with paper prints so I'm delighted to spot something fresh, though it's certain to catch on because the Polaroid trend is so huge right now... Lovely work!

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