Easy DIY Curtain Idea

I had this idea to show you a DIY tutorial demonstrating how to turn tea towels into cafe curtains but it looks like Selvedge magazine has an even better one and beat me to it -- transforming tea towels into curtain panels. Love this. You'll have to pick up a copy of their current issue (#29) to obtain the how-to details or subscribe to their digital issues (via exact editions), but it's pretty self explanatory really -- you just take your favorite tea towels, stitch them together either by hand or using a machine, and then use clip hooks along the top and place it on a rod. Easy!

Selvedge Curtain Idea

Looking at this I imagine you could even make a tea towel shower curtain, or even something using pillowcases. My tea towel idea is simply to take a few tea towels and use them as cafe curtains -- I've done this in the past in kitchens when I was single living on a very fixed budget unable to afford anything fancy and loved them. My mother showed me how to use a grommet maker and once I learned how to do that I was punching holes in everything. Clip hooks work just as well, or you can sew in a rod pocket fairly easily, too.

Thanks Selvedge for the constant stream of inspiration!

(image: selvedge magazine, issue #29)