CB2: Fresh Finds For Summer

I was reading through some tweets today (I'm on twitter, click here if you'd like to be my twitter friend) and came across one from Michelle who writes Design Evolution. Her tweet had to do with some sofa she loved over at CB2 which landed me on their site clicking around... One click, two click, three click, four! I landed on these affordable finds that I love and think you just may adore too!

CB2 Finds

1. swoop desk $299, 2. pressed vinyl dot runners $24, 3. pebble mat $45 (they show 3 together here to form a runner), and 4. oliver appetizer plates $3.That little man eating the massive olive makes me laugh...

CB2 Finds

5. beale lounge chair $249, 6. houses gallery tote $15 and 7. scan lounge chair $499 (I want to reupholster it in something fun!). I really love these two chairs as I've been hunting for a low lounge chair for my new living room and think either the Beale or the Scan would work perfectly... Hmmm...

(images: cb2)