A Cozy Nook

Do you read Apartment Therapy and follow their home tours? I saved this image today because I love it so... it's from the AT Chicago site, Melissa & Henry's Small Live/Work Home Tour, and I wanted to highlight it because it's a funky space with lots of personality. I especially love this cozy nook...

AT Home Tour

This space belongs to Melissa Agostino and Henry Tyminski of Sali Tabacchi in Toronto. This makes me want that little vintage botanical chart on the wall now... I love the pink tones combined with the wood, don't you? And all the books and that pretty Fire Blanket box, which looks vintage, is nice too.

Do you have a cozy nook like this in your home where you have books, a place to read them, etc.? I think we all need our little corners, don't you?

(image: Melissa Agostino and Henry Tyminski of Sali Tabacchi)