At Home Design Parties: Furbish Design

I've blogged about this idea before but had no idea someone started doing this -- love it! A home decorating workshop! No, not some cheesy kind where everyone sits around in a circle admiring gadgets that they'll most likely purchase and never use (electric apple peeler anyone?) but a hip kind where a blogger/decorator invites you into her home to dish about decorating and helps you to tap into your aesthetic.

Furbish Design

The blogger is Jamie Meares of the I Suwannee blog and owner of Furbish Design in Raleigh, North Carolina. She designed the room shown above for under $500 so you can learn about decorating on a budget from this creative blogger for only $40 (what a deal!). Her most recent class was last week but I'm sure she'll host more so email her if you are in N.C. and interested in taking part. I read about this class today over at Mint and had to post it  -- lovely idea!

I'm considering doing another one later this year (a blogger meet and greet) so I'll keep you posted on the details as soon as I know more. But my event won't be at home, I'm thinking of a something in a central location in a popular European city -- a store or function hall similar to the Amsterdam and Berlin decor8 events I helped organize last Autumn. We'll see...

What do you think of  blogger sponsored events? Are you a blogger, and if so, would you do something like this for a fee? Would you like to teach about styling/decorating/photography in your local community? Are you currently teaching and care to tell me about it (link and comment below please!).

(images: jamie meares)