I Am A Lady

I'm back from the spa and I feel so very pretty, like I should be twirling around singing or something. My hair looks fierce and let me just tell you how sad I am that I found the perfect stylist/colorist two weeks before I relocate! Where has this girl been my whole life? Well if anyone lives in southern New Hampshire or on the MA border and is looking for great hair you have to see my girl. Email me and I'll give you the deets. It's hard to find a good colorist here, I've been salon hopping for ages, and I usually end up looking very 80s (bad 80s not good 80s) and about 5 years older than I am.

Lauren Nicole Love

When I left the salon with my Giselle hair (someday the body will follow LOL), I felt like a million bucks and ladies, that's a feeling we all need more often. If you haven't seen the interior of a day spa in awhile book an appointment and go treat yourself - we all need the hair/mani-pedi/eyebrow/massage thing more often. It's 88 and sunny here today, so on the way home I hit Starbucks for an iced coffee and turned up Sweet Dreams (this great Beyonce dance remix version) and with my moonroof open I enjoyed every second of it. I'm selling my car next week so I'm trying to squeeze it for all it's worth. Then I'll be living the train/bike lifestyle - no car - which I'm fine with but I'm enjoying what I do have while I have it. :) And guess what? When I got home a love letter and card was waiting for me from my dear mother. She's been pretty much crying for six months since I announced I was relocating abroad and today her lovely letter just warmed and melted my heart. I can't wait to see her in Boston in a few weeks - she's coming to see me off and I can't wait. She was my very best friend growing up and though we're not as close these days her letter was the greatest most cherished thing - I can't explain how much it meant to have her beautiful words and blessing for a happy life abroad - she's accepted it all now and is absolutely thrilled for me and of course, I'm feeling better about relocating too. I guess I was waiting for her approval and didn't even realize it until I got it. The cutest part is that she wants to come see me and she's not a traveler by air so of course this is a huge deal for me (and her). We made a deal that since I'll only be one hour from London by plane, that she can fly direct to London and I'll meet her there and we'll fly together down to Hannover. Yay, mom!

Lauren Nicole Love

And by the way, these two lovely prints are from Lauren Nicole Love on etsy, whom I first heard about today via twitter thanks to Michelle at Design Evolution who always tweets me the best stuff. (Love ya, girl). I love this message, empowering and to the point, I Am A Lady! Oh yes, that's such a good thing to be isn't it?

(images: lauren nicole love)