Happy Weekend!

I'd like to wish you a great weekend, I'm going to do lots of things this weekend that involve packing but I'm going to fit in some fun... I'm going to see 500 Days of Summer and attend another going away parties, this week on the boat of some good friends on Lake Winnipesaukee.


Just a little note about my upcoming relocation and how things will work around here at decor8. Next week, posting will continue as normal but I'll be posting on a lighter schedule between July 27 - August 14 since I'm relocating during that period and taking a much needed Summer vacation - 5 days in Boston, a long layover in London, and a few days relaxing in our new apartment in Germany without (hopefully) a care in the world. :) I'll still be visiting daily with posts for you, and since a few have volunteered to guest blog here (yay! thank you!) there will be no lapse in daily content during my relocation/vacation period. I'll still be writing over at Real Simple and Cookie so you can catch me over there too (RS: M/W/F and Cookie: Thurs.). In the end, you shouldn't see much of a difference around here - I'll still be online and sharing my finds!

See you on Monday! xo

(image: oly on Flickr)