Leading Ladies: Who Are Yours?

Country Living has this thing they do each year where they shine the spotlight on a handful of inspirational women who have turned their passion into profits. This year, they've selected 6 and posted them some time ago now but I stumbled upon it again today and thought about how important it is to tell those who have inspired us that they have in fact done so. Many of us do this through blogging, I write about those who have touched my life on a daily basis and honoring in this small way means a lot to me. I thought that for a moment we could all pause for a moment and reflect on those who are currently on our radar, who are inspiring us to live the best life possible, and who either directly or indirectly helped us to rise up and meet a challenge, personal or otherwise.

Are you ready? Would you like to participate? You can either shout them out on your blog and leave the link to your post below in the comments section or comment below with those who inspire you - you may or may not include links to their site/blog - that's up to you. This is not a popularity contest or meant to be anything like it, but I would like to know who you find to be helpful, caring, sincere, talented and all those good things -- who you think really leads in the sense that they inspire you personally to do great things. My leading ladies number into the thousands, but I will participate in the comments section below with a few I've chosen to honor.

So tell me, who are your leading ladies?

(image: country living magazine)