New Business Cards By INK + WIT

Looking for snazzy business cards that make an impression? One major bullet point that was top priority on my moving list of Things To Do was to order new business cards. I have no clue how or where to do all of this abroad so I figured it was best to get it out of the way before I leave, plus I ordered them in time to share some with my friends stateside so that they have my new address. I decided to leave my phone number off of them, no one calls me anyway unless they know me, most new contacts shoot me an email. Would you like to see my new cards?

My New Business Cards

A little background on the design: this time I wanted to go for something less traditional than the standard format, so I opted for a 3x3 format on delicious thick white paper, letterpressed in aqua, so that receivers could enjoy the whole tactile sensation that I love so much about letterpress stationery. Plus this will fit into a European wallet quite nicely as they tend to be wider and shorter to accommodate the Euro bills. I also wanted to bring in the butterfly and add some type of pattern to give it personality.

One of my leading ladies, Tara Hogan from INK + WIT, designed these cards for me. Tara has been my official go-to-girl for business card design from the start because she consistently does such gorgeous work for me and work is done quickly so I never have to wait. If you want some pretty business cards definitely contact her -- she's great and I love her minimalist modern design, it's clean and professional without losing the cuteness factor that I'm such a fan of.

Thank you Tara for your beautiful work!

(image: holly becker for decor8)