Happy Friday!

Hello and happy Friday to you! Today could not come soon enough for me because I had such a hectic week -- I'm really looking forward to taking Saturday completely off to be with our friends and relax. And shop. I have a pile of store gift cards to spend before we leave, cards I've postponed using so I figure it's now or never. I'm going to use them on goodbye presents gifts for friends and of course my l'occitane card will be devoted solely to this and this as a little housewarming present for me - they are the best fragrances ever! ;)

Karen Mordechai/Sunday Suppers

On Monday, bright and early, our moving company will arrive to pack up what's left of our belongings and to pack our electronics and fragile stuff -- collectibles and artwork -- so I'm taking Monday off as blog free though I've prepared a post to go live over at Real Simple so I'll be there Monday morning. We officially move out of our house on August 1st (a week from tomorrow!) and then we're going on vacation until the 7th, we'll be in Boston, London and finally Hannover.

I never thought leaving the country would be so much fun - I'm not scared or anxious at all and my mother has finally stopped crying and is now planning to get her passport and come stay with us next year. Yay mom, you go GIRL.

Not to show off, but we're being invited everywhere these days and let me tell you, I'm loving all the attention, it feels like getting married all over again. I'm eating it up, few times in life do you get ALL the attention, right?!

I'll meet you back here on Tuesday, July 28th! Until then, have a nice weekend and make sure you see my image credits below to learn about these lovely photos. :)

(image: from the amazing Sunday Suppers blog, photography: Karen Mordechai)