Flamingo Chandelier - Bock Lighting

Wowie zowie! Talk about a statement maker... check out this recent submission that I received from Bock Lighting. This hot little number is soooo South Beach! The new Flamingo Chandelier from brand new lighting company Bock Lighting is quite amazing, I love how it looks in this clothing store don't you?

Flamingo Chandelier

I'm always on the look out for new, amazing lighting and am a big fan of bold pendants because they can really make a room so this thing excites me on all levels. And umm... it's pink -- how sweet it that!? The glass (hand blown in Poland) comes in several other colors -- white, crystal, amber, brown, gray and blue.

Is this light your taste or not? Would you have one in your home? I think it would be gorgeous in the right space, a very contemporary minimalist home comes to mind. I imagine it in a foyer or dining area, but love the idea of it in a restaurant or as shown here, a retail space. It's got wow factor, for sure.

(photo: bock lighting)