Nicola's Homes

I was reading recently that Garnet Hill has teamed up with interior designer Nicola Manganello of Nicola's Homes in Maine to create a lovely bedding collection that looks simply dreamy! I love all the texture and vintage charm in this new line, I think exceptional bedding is pretty important and though I don't own tons of linens what I do have to dress my bed is quality -- I can't sleep on anything that feels scratchy or synthetic. Of course, beauty is important too and I can't think of anything quite as nice than beautiful bedding. Nicola is a lady after my own heart, she loves combining the old with the new.

Aug 5th at Garnet Hill

"Nicola’s philosophical approach to bedding embraces creativity with one rule: a match, not a set, makes a statement. Antique quilts, traditional needlework, vintage linens, and turn-of-the-century prints — it’s all about combining patterns, colors and textures in an artful way. This new collection draws inspiration from the contrast: the mixing of flea market finds, antique shop treasures, and heirloom pieces nestled away in attics — and newer boutique discoveries from international artisans." - Garnet Hill.

Would you like to see this new collection? You'll have to wait until Wednesday, August 5th when it premieres on the Garnet Hill website -- mark your calendar!

(photos: garnet hill & nicola's homes)