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Hello everyone! We made it to the other side of the pond... London is lovely and the weather is amazing! We just left and now we're HOME in Hannover -- I can't believe we're here. We were going to stay longer in London but decided to just come to Germany right away. If felt wonderful to turn the keys to the door of our apartment. Sooo exciting! Everything is so white and clean, just as I left it and the rooms are flooded with sunshine as the weather is absolutely amazing. My mother-in-law prepared a meal for us, and put a welcome wreath on the front door that she made along with a bouquet on our dining room table. She also stocked the house with all the little necessities that she knew we'd need upon arrival. So... all is well. Now to unpack, go through mail, take care of lots of appointments and paperwork, apply for my driver's license... the list is endless so I'll be spending the next week or two on these things but of course I'll still be here blogging from time to time but mostly I'm leaving decor8 in the capable hands of the many lovely friends who have been filling my shoes while I'm out and about. Have you been enjoying them?

So before I head off, I wanted to share Meghan Guthrie with you... She has been popping up all over design blogs, but in case you haven't seen her work yet let's take a peek together, shall we? Meghan is a prop stylist and set designer based in NYC and I'm guessing you've noticed her work around whether you've realized it or not since her touch has graced the pages Natural Health magazine and West Elm (in print). I follow a number of stylists and I've added Meghan to my list as I'm certain you will too. Here's only a smidgen of her genius. To view more, please peruse her online portfolio.

Meghan Guthrie

Meghan Guthrie

I'm endlessly inspired by such creative types, I love seeing how they decide to arrange things and I often look at each arrangement, dissecting it and imagining why or how the scene was created. Do you do this too?

(images: meghan guthie)