Happy Friday!

Well it's that time again -- the weekend! Yahoo! Tomorrow I'll be at a flea market and then off to visit friends and family. Then next week, I'll still be popping in from time to time and reading ALL of your comments as they come in on the blog (I am approving all comments so I am able to keep in touch with everyone and also so you know that I haven't abandoned you!) and my guests are reading your comments and replying to them, too! I have tons more guests for the "My Favorite Things" series, as well as a few others writing about indie designers they love and of course, Leslie will be back with another installment of Color Me Happy to appear on Monday so stay tuned for that! She shared it with me yesterday and wow, oh wow! You have a lot to look forward to on Monday...

Happy Weekend~

So for now, I'm signing off and wishing all of you a great weekend. I hope you get to chillax a little and catch some sunshine where you live -- sunshine makes you happy as does a giant scoop of gelato as I'm learning VERY well here in my new city with gelato cafes all over the place. I think next week I'll go play roving reporter and shoot photos of local cafes and share with you a bit of my daily life here. Would you be interested in seeing that? If so, I'll get started on my assignment. :)

See you on Monday! Bis Montag, Tschüss!

xo, Holly

(images: holly becker for decor8)