Hello From Holly

Hello everyone, it's me Holly (remember me?)! Just dropping by to give you all a giant virtual hug and to let you know that all is well concerning our relocation though our 82 boxes haven't shipped yet from Boston so it will be at least a few months before we see our belongings. Fortunately, I have everything I need while I'm waiting so I can't complain. So! How are you doing? What's new in your life?

Soft and natural

I've had such a great first "official week" as a German girl so far, minus the pigtails and beer. I still cannot believe I'm here living and working. It's a "pinch me" feeling, I still wake up thinking I'm in New Hampshire and then open my eyes realizing I'm not the moment I look out of the window at all of the pretty brick roofs. The weather has been the perfect Summer temps with lots of sunshine and at night, cool breezes that I've been enjoying as I run around the city doing this and that. The cafes and gelato cafes are PACKED day and night, it's a great time of year to be here with so much activity and a fun local festival around a giant lake with food booths, live bands and even an "American" hamburger place -- all waterfront and fun!

mags donated to me :)

A friend of mine that I met last year for the first time though we had emailed before that, Esra, saved magazines for me since I left in December so I have so many design and decorating mags to enjoy in the late evening when all is still and peaceful. She even collected a bunch from years past from her personal collection and gave them to me as a present, along with catalogs like H&M Home. I don't think I need to buy magazines for months! Check out my newly acquired stash above. Hollah,woot woot! I feel so loved! Would you like to come hang out with me and go through these piles with me? Thank you, Esra!

Lovely Hat

And while I was out and about yesterday at the farmers' market, I picked up 20 roses for only 5,- Euros! Aren't these gorgeous? I can't wait for them to all open so I can split this bouquet into other vases and place them by my bed, too. I feel so spoiled with the lovely flower markets and stores all over the city -- and the prices are so inexpensive for the quality. Plus, it's fun to see what is new at the markets each week. Things are very seasonal and so the flowers and veggies change all of the time. I really like this, it's fun to have four seasons just as I did when I lived back in New England. I have to live in a climate where four seasons are to anticipate. It's exciting!

Friday morning....

I've missed you all but I'll be back to blogging full-time again August 24th, and by the way I'm making "My Favorite Things" into a single weekly column so if you are interested in participating, please let me know. I cannot accept all submissions, just so you're aware and don't beat me up if I'm unable to post yours.

I've been busy getting together paperwork, changing insurance, applying for a visa, you name it - my days are full right now but I'm enjoying the freedom of working only part-time now as I'm only working on decor8 3-4 hours per day vs. the usual full day so I'm able to get so much done while my lovely guest bloggers cover for me. I hope you've been loving all of their articles as much as I've enjoyed reading them! -Holly

(images: holly becker for decor8)