Good Things

I thought I'd share with you a small curated collection of just a handful of things that I've come across over the past week. No real theme, rhyme or reason, just things that caught my eye. Good things. :)

We Make Sense

We Make Sense poster from Bubbo, whom I adore. Isn't this the best?

Sandra Juto

Sandra Juto and her wrist worms make me happy today, I'm already thinking about owning a pair for Autumn. Lots of girls wear them where I live and though I own a few felted ones, I don't have knitted ones from Sandra. Yet.


I also love New Hampshire artist/designer Lisa Occhipinti's pink journal, it makes my heart pitter pat just a little harder. Lisa is awesome, what a lady.

Sandra Juto

And okay, Sandra's buttcrack characters still make me laugh. And her blog makes my hungry for travel and good food.

Noa Noa Fall 2009

Noa Noa Fall 2009

Noa Noa's Fall collection, which I enjoyed the full preview yesterday because my local shop was stocking it. Can you believe I live 5 minutes by foot to a Noa Noa? Warning: danger! danger! I picked up their Fall catalog too - it's gorgeous and set in some beautiful rooms. Very inspiring. Get your hands on a copy if you can.

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