Happy September!

Wow, it's September people! Hallo Holly! I just realized this fact the moment I woke up this morning and thought about all of the invoices that I need to create. I'm a few days late though, aren't I? In my head, it's still August. I think it has a lot to do with the weather here -- it's been in the 80s and sunny ever since we arrived on August 6. That's pretty record-breaking in this part of the country where I live. But today is very windy and there is a slight "crispness" to the air that I love so much. Do you know this crisp feeling that I'm speaking of? It's wonderful, isn't it? Which gets me to thinking about a post that I read this morning over at {this is glamorous}. She pulled some remarkable visuals to show what September means to her. Here are just a few. You'll need to visit her beautiful blog for more.

{this is glamorous}

These impressions resonated with me so deeply because I love all of these things too... horseback rides, plaids, tea, cozy beds, oil paintings of the countryside found at flea markets, rich colors, reading in my living room curled up on the sofa, and linens. It's the one reason why I do not miss living in the south. No offense to my southern friends and family, but I have to have Autumn or else I'll not be the same person. I love September - November, so so SO much. I come alive. And I wasn't even born during this period and have no real reason to love it so much but I do. It makes me want to pick apples, take long walks in the forest, collect chestnuts, acorns and branches, craft, travel (I've always loved to travel most in the Fall, especially to London), and I love that one day that feels chilly enough to wear your favorite cardigan. :) And then it gets sooo cool that you can wear a lush chocolate or buttery soft caramel leather jacket with your favorite scarf. September also means socks. I love stripey knee socks.

What does September mean to you? Please share!

(images: this is glamorous)