Good Morning!

Good morning friends! I hope that you had a nice weekend and that you're ready for another full week here on decor8! Today I have Leslie's column, Color Me Pretty, to post in addition to my round up of Etsy Take Five Tuesdays which will resume it's regular schedule today (yay!). Of course, I have a few other things to share with you so stick around!



the way

verwelkte Blumen

Elegant wie ein Schwan

These photos above were shot yesterday at a place in my new city where I love to go to collect my thoughts, draw inspiration, and in general do nothing but daydream and observe nature. I tried to give them a bit of a dreamy vibe with Photoshop, though I'm a beginner so go easy on me... Anyway, where I hung out is in this series of gardens that once belonged to the King of England who reigned over this city, and attached to these gardens and parks is the most elaborate, jaw-dropping baroque garden called Herrenhausen. The garden I spent my time in yesterday is called Georgengarten. There's an illustration museum there with a lovely indoor/outdoor cafe and gift shop (it's quite romantic I should add), and tons of space to bike, inline skate, picnic and if you're like me, explore with my camera! Summer is ending here, though the weather won't seem to let it go (it's been warm and sunny for a full month!), but the flowers are becoming crispy and withered and things are starting to turn towards the beautiful days of Autumn, my favorite time of the year.

(images: holly becker for decor8)